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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where we are today.....

I have gotten several comments from people who have come across this blog in the last few months. I just want to take this brief minute to answer a few questions. Turtle Girl designs was born in the very first few months following Dani's death. It was the first summer vacation (she works in the school system) her mom faced since her passing. TGD was her outlet. Her therapy. And mine. We worked almost nonstop for almost a year doing blood drives, walks, relays, marathons, craft shows, a fundraising crop....etc. Then time and grief caught up with us. We took a bit of time off and just LIVED for awhile. It was time. We've had some great adventures in the last two years. We've taken our kids camping for a week all by ourselves. We've been on a cruise. We've hung out at the pool in my subdivision. We've caught beads at a Mardi Gras parade in Shreveport, LA. We've gone on scrapbooking girls weekend retreats. We've watched countless hours of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. We've lived. We've still supported many efforts and events in our community that involve raising awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research or patient support. But, everything we've done in the past (almost) three years we've done with the love and memories of the littlest Turtle Girl in our hearts.

Steph and I appreciate everything that was done by everyone when we were at our peak of fund/awareness raising efforts. We still bust out those Turtle Girl shirts and hit some events now and then but like I said...we are also taking time to just live. I have started a new adventure that was born of Turtle Girl Designs and will be forever connected. There are many charities and organizations in our area and the country that need our support. One of the most successful events we had in 2006 was a Scrapbooking crop fundraiser. It combined the best of both worlds for me. My favorite hobby and raising funds for a worthwhile cause. Now, I have decided to host two crops a year working with various organizations. The first crop will be held in March of this year and benefits a Therapeutic horse riding center here in North Texas.

We will remember Dani's 3rd Angelversary on March 7. This year the spring event at Camp Sol falls on that weekend so Steph and her older daughter will most likely spend the weekend there with other families who have experienced the same type of loss.

So, there you have it. I hope this answers some questions. Inquiring minds want to know! I think I will leave this post up for a few weeks and then change the profile to private. Then again maybe I'll leave it so anyone who happens upon it can read about a special little girl who suffered more than any child should. A little girl who loved and is loved intensely. A little girl who is missed beyond measure.

We love you Dan, Dan!


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